Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What is

A: is a comprehensive real estate brokerage using technology and the internet to provide new solutions for people who want to market their home. We combine traditional real estate models with newer online models to create a listing and brokering platform that can work for anyone.

Q: How does work?

A: Customers using the platform can choose an option from any of the three packages. Set an appointment, or upload the necessary information into our system, and get their house listed on the real estate market. The platform is designed to meet home owners who want to sell their home in one simple to use online system.

Q: Why not just put my house on any of the websites or just throw a sign in the yard? Why use instead?

A: One simple reason. The Multiple Listing Service or MLS. The MLS is like the trading floor of the stock exchange but for real estate agents. When your house is listed on the MLS it is automatically shared with over 200 listing sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and The main reason to be on the MLS is that agents who are already representing buyers, easily see your home that fits the profile their buyer’s have given them.

“80% of all home buyers are searching online. Out of that 97% of all home buyers are viewing that listing because of an MLS input.”-NAR Statistic 2016

National Association of Realtors says this…

“Not newspapers, not driving down streets and looking for ‘For Sale’ signs. No, buyers are looking online for their future homes and they want to know every detail possible about the home before they go see it in person.” -NAR article

This is the reality of the world we live in today and those numbers are only going up. So, long story short, if you are not on the MLS the odds of you selling your home is only 7%. More often than not, buyers are already being represented by an agent and that agent typically passes their fee on to the seller. The seller has no representation to look after their interests in a transaction, leaving the door open for an less scrupulous agent to take advantage of them. The safe thing about the platform is that is that when you receive an offer, you have already decided the commission to be paid out to a buyer’s agent leaving no room for an agent to try and squeeze you with a baited offer.

Q: Why do we do this?

A: It is our opinion that the internet has changed the way real estate is marketed and even sold. There is far less leg work for a typical listing agent, and listing homes has never been easier. What hasn’t changed? Listing agent commissions. The average commission for a Listing agent is 3-4% of the Sale price. Take a home that sells for 200,000 thousand dollars for instance. The listing agent most likely wrote a contract for 6-7% That’s 12,000-14,000 in commission and the listing broker takes 6,000-8,000 dollars of your money at close. More often than not, in a good market, all the agent did was put the listing on the MLS and a sign in the yard. Maybe an open house or 2, if there was time, which has only an 2% effective rate in selling a home anyhow. Today the internet has made listing and marketing a home so incredibly simple that many agents are really just pocketing the extra money without having to do very much work other than convince you, the homeowner,  to sign a contract. We decided that this is just plain unfair.  We created a system that will allow you to market your home, decide the level of agent involvement you want, and save thousands of dollars on commission costs!

Q: Why this system works.

A: It all boils down to risk. Risk is synonymous with real estate. By managing some of your own upfront marketing costs, we are not in a position of losing expenses for people’s homes who do not sell. That translates into you saving thousands of dollars in commissions if your home does sell. Let’s go back to that 200,000 dollar home for example; by using the’s Self Directed Service Package you spend $495.00. You offer the buyer’s agent 2.5%(Avg. Buyer Agent commission) for bringing you a buyer, and that commission is pre negotiated on the MLS so the selling agent won’t try to hit you up for more commissions or fees and, you upgrade your contract to full representation after you receive an offer for 1% of the sale price. If you don’t get an offer you are only out $495.00 and we will call you to see if we can figure out a way to help you get your home sold. If you do get an offer and we broker the deal, $5000.00 goes to the buyer’s agent and only $495.00 plus 1% of the sale price goes to the listing broker. This totals $7,495.00 dollars in commissions and fees as compared to you spending $12,000.00 – $14,000.00 dollars of YOUR MONEY!

Q: Why choose the other options?

A: As we have said everyone has a different need when it comes to real estate. Maybe you don’t have the time to manage your own listing or you don’t have the upfront funds to market it. Maybe you are moving out of town or you have moved already. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with it and would rather hand the responsibility over to a professional agent. We cater to these needs as well in more traditional real estate roles. One of our professional agents will List, Market, and Sell your home at standard commission rates taking on all the risk but still following’s marketing standards as shown on the site. This is very easy to do. Just schedule an appointment.

Q: Why is the Buyer’s Agent so expensive? After all, it’s MY MONEY RIGHT!?!

A: The buyer’s agent is definitely worth what they are paid. They meet with customers wherever they are. Drive them around to an untold number of properties. They help people figure out what they can afford and get them qualified with a lender so that you aren’t showing your house off to someone who can’t afford it, or someone who may be looking for the 5 finger discount on home goods. Buyer’s agents spend a lot of time with their clients, educating them about real estate and the market, developing a relationship, and are there to answer their clients questions 24/7. When you see them it may seem brief but there has been a lot of work invested into getting you that perfect buyer, that can afford your home, with the right financing in place. Buyer’s agents are quite simply the key to a successful real estate transaction.