Frequently Asked Questions

How ListEasy Works

Is there any cost to using ListEasy?

Nope! None! Our website is free and simple to use.

Will I be hounded by real estate agents looking for my business?

We actually put you in control. Real estate agents won't know who you are or where you live until you click the Reveal Agent button on the bid sheet. Then, and only then, will that agent be able to contact you to answer further question or come out to provide you a full Comparative Market Analysis.

How many times can I use ListEasy?

As many times as you need. For Example. You could use ListEasy to get before and after value opinions for a remodel project so you have a better sense of what to invest!

How accurate is ListEasy Evaluation Plus?

We'd say somewhere between an automated value like one you would receive from a company such as Zillow but not as good as having an agent come out to evaluate your property. A ListEasy value is a tool to help you make more informed decisions. It is not an appraised value of your home. Because we use real estate agents who are experienced in your market to help assess the value based on the information you provide ListEasy values are usually more accurate than any computer based algorithm with no human input.

Well looks like I have a good understanding of my value. What do I need an agent for?

First. Your value needs to be firmed up by having one of our agents come out and look at your property. Second. When you work with an Agent to list your home they bring the most exposure and market experience with them. You're not just hiring them, but also the entire real estate community of Agents who are already working with buyers that are financially able to purchase a home. In short. working with an agent brings you your best chance at competition which can get you the highest offer for your home. 'For Sale Buy Owner' and 'I Buying' can not accomplish this.

Why is my Automated value so much lower then the agents value?

Information in equals information out. The Automated value can only look at public records that are available to create a common denominator for the value of your home. It cannot take into account the extra information you provide about upgrades or additions that an agent can utilize.

Questions About Agency?

Do I have to use an Agent from ListEasy if I use ListEasy?

The short answer is NO. But we recommend them because we know they are experienced in your area and can help you get the most out of your home selling experience.

Are Agents who work with ListEasy Licensed?

Yes. Always. Agent's who work with ListEasy are Licensed, are members of the National Association of Realtors, and are bound by the Realtors Code of Ethics!

Will my value ListEasy values be shared with anyone or any agents?

The only people who will know your ListEasy value is you and whomever you decide to show. Unlike many other companies we do not share this information to public or offsite private parties.

Who do ListEasy agents represent?

Like any type of Agency a ListEasy agent does not represent anyone until there is a signed contract with the broker of that agent. If you set an appointment with an agent that was recommended by ListEasy ask them if you could see their right to sell contract.

Do I have to list my home at the Value ListEasy agents provide?

No, in fact, until you have an agent come out and look at your property the value may still need to be adjusted. What you choose to list your house for is between you and your agent.