Why ListEasy?

We started ListEasy.com to address changes that we have seen in the market place. Brandon and Myself got into real estate in the late 2000s just after the last housing crash and we have seen the market recover. We have also noticed some changes, and with those changes, we have noticed some problems. The age old adage ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. Believe me, that has been drilled into our heads. The only problem is that someone had to invent the wheel! And someone had to improve upon it!

So what hasn’t changed much? Real Estate. What has changed? Technology! The case used to be that if someone wanted to buy a house they had to go down to their local real estate shop and flip through pages and pages of MLS listings, or drive around looking for signs and going to open houses, or work with an agent that had to know the details about every property you were seeing and its current status. Well that’s different now. Thanks to websites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com the consumer has a database at the tips of their fingers, including tons of market and neighborhood information. With  Real Estate agents and loan officers at the ready. That’s great for buyers but what about the sellers? They still have to find a realtor, listen through a lengthy sale’s pitch, and sign away.  There is almost no change in the way real estate sales has changed for sellers even though the technology has vastly improved.

We have set out to change that. We analyzed the way real estate is marketed today and have come up with a simple plan that anyone can follow whether you want to hold the reigns or you need Luxury services on a lake home. What we have done is created a simple one-stop-online-shop for your listing needs that does not over promise, under deliver, or try to cheat you out of your equity. How many times have you, or someone you know signed up with an agent at 6% commission or better and their house sold in under a week? You often hear them say something like, “Wow, my agent did a great job and our house sold right away!” Did the agent really do a great job? Remember, every buyer has a housing database at their fingertips. All the agent did was get that house into that database and the market took care of the rest. Now the agent walks away with 7,000.00 dollars worth of your equity on a 200,000 dollar house as well as paying the buyer’s agent 5,000.00 dollars. That’s 12,000 dollars for 20 minutes worth of work. We feel that has become unfair for someone who may need that money to buy their next home.