About Us

We started this company because we recognized a need for change. What has changed? Technology! What hasn’t changed much? Real Estate.  And do you know who is getting hit the hardest? Sellers! We’d like to change that.

We started this company because we realized the way we practice real estate has not caught up with today’s technology for people who want to sell their home. We wanted to create a one-stop-online-shop where people who need to sell their house can get their listing needs met. We also wanted to be able to include everyone from the for sale by owner who doesn’t want a lot of help to the out of town owner who needs to sell his lake property. In creating this concept, we realized there are a lot of people in the middle and that’s most everybody…

We created a system where we can list your home for a small up-front marketing fee. If you get an offer in a 3 month period, we will then charge only 1% listing commission to get you from negotiation all the way to the closing table! This will save the average seller anywhere from 2%-4% in over-bloated commission costs and will allow you to save thousands of dollars so that you can put that money to work buying your next dream home! If you get to the end of that 3 month period and you haven’t received an offer, we will switch to a full service listing and refund you the marketing fee if your property sells within the contract time period.


Our Mission

To provide an open and transparent online platform for people to get their home listed on the market. To use technology to save people money, where we can, so that they can achieve their goals in real estate.