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We started this company because we recognized a need for change. What has changed? Technology! What hasn’t changed much? Real Estate. And do you know who is getting hit the hardest? Sellers! We’d like to change that.

We started this company because we realized the way we practice real estate has not caught up with today’s technology for people who want to sell their home. We wanted to create a one-stop-online-shop where people who need to sell their house can get their listing needs met. We also wanted to be able to include everyone from the for sale by owner who doesn’t want a lot of help to the out of town owner who needs to sell his lake property. In creating this concept we realized  there are a lot of people in the middle and that’s most of us. Read more…

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Great Experience!
We would just want to thank you for all you did for us in the process of selling our house. As you know there was an aquantaince up the street who had their house listed with list easy. We had our house listed ‘For Sale By Owner’. However, after talking with her and hearing how pleased she was, we decided to call List Easy. One of their agents came to visit with us and we liked him right away and decided to list. We liked what he had to say about List Easy. He was very nice to work with. We were very satisfied with everything and we would most definitely reccomend List Easy to anyone who would be considering selling their house!  -Jim and Sharon Dailey
We saved money thanks to List Easy.
My wife and I researched listing our house “For Sale By Owner” for a while and realized that there are not a lot of great options.  After seeing a sign on my way to work one day I decided to give their website a look.  After some comparison we realized that ListEasy was able to find that uncharted middle ground between For Sale By Owner and a Traditional Listing Service and make it work for the seller.  Rob was able to give our listing the same exposure as a traditional listing and we saved over $4000 in the process. The entire process was extremely easy and very transparent.  Thanks Listeasy! -Nathan and Julia Wisehart
Extremely Helpful – Thanks Guys!
George and I have been looking for a way to sell our home in Lakeside that could save us money. We came across ListEasy on Facebook and decided to work with option 3. In just one day we were up on the market with a sign in the yard and got multiple offers the same week. With ListEasy’s continued help we accepted the best one, and closing was smooth and efficient. The people at ListEasy were extremely helpful with all of our questions and we saved over 4,000 dollars! Bye bye Minnesota Winter and Thanks guys! -Jim and Sarah Petersen